- (love_me_jaded) wrote in take_a_snapshot,


A day with Jen and Janeene.

So me, Jen, and Janeene decided to go out.

So we went to the:

I decided to get some chocolate milk, mmm.

Once I was nice and strong from my chocolate milk I gave Janeene a piggy-back ride.

We all got sick of the mall, then we found a bus stop!

Then Janeene stood on the bus stop!

After that we played around in an empty parking lot.

I took a break.

Then Jen was getting bored,

So we all got in the car.

We took Janeene home, and then Jen and I decided to go to the park.

We found some swings,

And Jen decided to play on them.

After that she spun around in circles,

While I played on the wooden playground.

The we decided to go home, and it was hot so I stuck my head out the window.

We had so much fun!

The end
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