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Make me cry...

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September 3 2004, 01:45:08 UTC 15 years ago

you need help.

where do you find the time to take these pictures while your bleeding prefusely on the bathroom floor? and why do you have tape over your mouth... you really need to see a doctor or a phsyciatrist or soemthing.
It's not real blood you stupid piece of shit.
You really need to FUCK OFF!!!
and you can completely tell its not real blood, so you are a fucking moron!


October 9 2004, 18:20:11 UTC 15 years ago

ok so what is it?


October 9 2004, 18:21:03 UTC 15 years ago

you look like a man...

wait is that you in your icon? looks like you.
I don't look like a man. That's my dog in my icon and if you couldn't tell what it is then you are retarded, my dog does look like me, we are both HOT!
It's choclate syrup, why do you care?